Thursday, August 25, 2005

okkervil river

So i order this okkervil river cd a whiles back. It came in the mail today. I'm listening to it right now. I'm not sure its any good, the guy certainly doesn't have a super kick ass voice, but he sure is passionate. Not sure if he's got the fire of jeff magnum (ok, he doesn't), but he's got something, i'll check it for some time.

In other news i played a poker tourny with an ex-colleague of mine, a current colleague of mine, and a few other folks out in the k dot. 20 dollar buy in, use of a blind 'computer', a nice table, a nice house, and 2 tall cans of stella. Its always fun when you meet people for the first time during a poker game. You learn a ton about a person whilst trying to read them during a poker game, moreso than you would talking about current events and the weather superficially at a party. Especially because you might see them at a party, gander there's no compatability, and not talk to them. In a game, you've little choice who you sit with. Anywho, i destructored the competition, but once it was heads up, it was dragging and another game was eager to go. So i agreed to split with the one lovely lady in the game for a neat 80$ profit :)

I also sk8ed down to the oak after that for a pint and possible darts. Seriously *young* girls scurried everywhere in the midst of the 90's night overflow. It was rather hectic in the oak, few dart folk, i myself scurried after 1 short beer.

And now i need to sleep. I am having more difficulty than i thought figuring out wordpress. Whatever, give me time.

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