Wednesday, August 31, 2005

not so tired

Today started with stepping on a piece of glass. Just a tiny shard sitting on my carpet, burrowed into the heel of my foot. It really wasn't that bad, my soles are pretty tuff, it stopped bleeding pretty quick... i remember the fateful nite i broke a glass in there too, knowing one day i'd find the final shard in my foot. Today was that day.

I got home from work, did some yoga, and ran like i've never ran before, to dows lake, locks, up to bank, hit echo drv., to pretoria, otherside of the canal, back to bank, then up to percy, then all the way up percy to arlington... phew. One hour, 5 min, longest for me ever. I'm gonna frickin sleep tonite. I had to get a good one in cause i'm off to winnipeg this weekend for a wedding, doubtful i'll be doing much running up there.

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