Friday, August 26, 2005

default turns into aloha

Tonite started like most fridays but certainly had a different feel. I got home round 6, went for a nice run, took a shower, ate some leftover salad, ate some modified milk ingredients in an experimental rasberry yogurt, then settled down to figure out if plans were in the works for myself, for the evening. And they really were not.

I do believe the highlight of the night was watching the slicks strutting sur hellgin, they luv it. Its quite a site when you're tourin along, walking as slow as possible, brushing past hipsters, hoochies, complicated short men, confused fourtysomthin's, buskers, and a religeous dude semipreachin to the superslim, potientially heroin addicted brunette street girl that often tours the bank st. curcuit. "God will forgive anything" is what i heard approaching gilmour on the west side... once i toured past the dj in "the freehouse" and spotted near emptiness inside, i realized i couldn't handle walking past le griffin. I had inhaled as much as that surface skimming world could give me for the day. I headed on and past ready for what the night had to bring me.

It brought me comfort. The nite ended, aloha, yay, as asleep as i am now to live as loud, i will be more sleeper tsunami.

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