Wednesday, August 31, 2005

not so tired

Today started with stepping on a piece of glass. Just a tiny shard sitting on my carpet, burrowed into the heel of my foot. It really wasn't that bad, my soles are pretty tuff, it stopped bleeding pretty quick... i remember the fateful nite i broke a glass in there too, knowing one day i'd find the final shard in my foot. Today was that day.

I got home from work, did some yoga, and ran like i've never ran before, to dows lake, locks, up to bank, hit echo drv., to pretoria, otherside of the canal, back to bank, then up to percy, then all the way up percy to arlington... phew. One hour, 5 min, longest for me ever. I'm gonna frickin sleep tonite. I had to get a good one in cause i'm off to winnipeg this weekend for a wedding, doubtful i'll be doing much running up there.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I got home from work quite tired. I cleaned previous nites pasta mess from kitchen, then decided to do some yoga for a little bit. I put on a sigur ros single, settled down, and passed out on the floor after 3 sun salutations and some leg lifts. Then i hit the couch and slept for 2 hours. I guess i was tired.

Speaking of sigur ros, they kick ass and are coming to ottawa in 19 days or so. The site has a forum with a thread for ottawa folks here. Its gonna be quite strange at the bronson center and all, making it all the more surreal to have these icelandic angels in my own fair ottawa. I have my tickets... do you??

Monday, August 29, 2005

pea pasta of montreal

So it was a full day.

I woke up to check my email, realized i'd botched shite large at work, stressed, went to work, brought timbits, discovered the flaw and corrected, and still felt uneasy.

Got home, decided it was the day to try pea pasta. So i did. Here's the dough:

the pea pasta dough

It worked out ok but i was WAY short on flour. Started with a cup each of all purpose and durum semolina, ended up adding probably another full cup of all purpose. Had to do the roll out, add flour, roll out, technique. Haven't had to do much of that since i switched to durum semolina as the half flour base. But today, absolutely necessary. And after all thats said and done, hows it hanging:

drying pea pasta

And final product:

pea pasta

It was quite appetizing but pretty damn heavy. Cooked too much too, shoulda tried freezing some... next time, in the cold long winter, once i remember to appreciate the goodness all a hot tomato based sauce has to offer, i will try the same pasta with that. Pesto may have been a bit much.

Then, heavy tummied, i went to see of montreal at barrymores. It was... n't as what i was expecting, but it kinda was.

of montreal 1 of montreal 2 of montreal keyboardist 3

Based on my limited exposure, i assumed beaty happy go lucky indie pop. And thats pretty much what it was... during the show i had commentary to myself like crazy, less of it is here now. I did see a beer store girl... and a pretty hideous shirt on the lead singer, but i was wearing what he woulda called a pretty hideous shirt, so thats ok. They did play the one song of theirs i know well, bizare celebrations. It was cool. I guess i like climactic music, or at least was expecting that. Based on their loose roots with elephant 6 and neutral milk hotel, i expected more i guess... i guess i just love that style. There was no "in your heart there's a spark that just screams". Agg, pipe dreams. But it was good.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

tremendous sunday

Today was a great sunday. A recently new friend of mine suggested "early" morning coffee. At the unheard of sunday hour of 9:50 or so, i left the house showered, and prepped with backpack. The coffee was a super time, i haven't been for "a coffee" with someone in ages.

After that i planned to be market bound, with a swing by city hall to see if any pride events were on. It was still a little early.

confederation park

I hit up the market and picked up some veggies for dinner. The basil was plentiful, pesto it was to be. I had a few pine nuts at home, and picked up some walnuts from hartmans on the tour home. I then tourned by the middle eastern grocery on gladstone near my house, of course they had bulk walnuts... but it gave me an excuse to hit up some lemon pistachios and fresh greek feta.

Whoa i got sidetracked. On the way back into centertown, the parade was in full swing. Heres a sneak peek:


Ok, finally at home, friends arrived, poker tables were fixed, pesto was made, and poker was played. In the break between the 1st and 2nd game, this was eaten by me:

pesto rigatoni

The pesto was pretty good, but not spectacular. More garlic, less basil for sure. The rigatoni was a second choice for noodle - last weekend i made a whack of fettucine noodles, and froze half of em. They were not my best noodles, too eggy, sticky going into the freezer, and stickier coming out. Compression does not suit fresh noodles well, they clumped even more upon their warm freedom, and had to be disposed of. There was also some leeks n zucchini n chicken in there, it was pretty decent. I got the pesto recipe here.

Ok, then i got to play guitar whilst the final game ended, sitting on the stoop, hearing the stones in the background... now i'm writing this. And then i go to bed, capping off a fabulous day. Tomorrow i see of montreal at barrymores, it should be a good time.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

miami vice

My reflections of last night are much different now than they were last night. Its now 12:13 and i finished that last post around 3:45 i think. Much time has been wasted, my "weekend" is already a good quarter over, its time to get moving.

A friend of mine recently decided to give up the spirits. "With my every move i will cast these evil spirits from my life and into the deepest hottest pits of a religous hell!!!!". I think i'll hack one vice at a time, but i'm a very vice oriented person. Always looking down at what is in front of me trying to find satisfaction from inanimate objects. Right now, i'll use coffee, later, perhaps food or vodka. I think its silly, its totally manufactured from habit, and should be kept in perspective.

Friday, August 26, 2005

default turns into aloha

Tonite started like most fridays but certainly had a different feel. I got home round 6, went for a nice run, took a shower, ate some leftover salad, ate some modified milk ingredients in an experimental rasberry yogurt, then settled down to figure out if plans were in the works for myself, for the evening. And they really were not.

I do believe the highlight of the night was watching the slicks strutting sur hellgin, they luv it. Its quite a site when you're tourin along, walking as slow as possible, brushing past hipsters, hoochies, complicated short men, confused fourtysomthin's, buskers, and a religeous dude semipreachin to the superslim, potientially heroin addicted brunette street girl that often tours the bank st. curcuit. "God will forgive anything" is what i heard approaching gilmour on the west side... once i toured past the dj in "the freehouse" and spotted near emptiness inside, i realized i couldn't handle walking past le griffin. I had inhaled as much as that surface skimming world could give me for the day. I headed on and past ready for what the night had to bring me.

It brought me comfort. The nite ended, aloha, yay, as asleep as i am now to live as loud, i will be more sleeper tsunami.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

okkervil river

So i order this okkervil river cd a whiles back. It came in the mail today. I'm listening to it right now. I'm not sure its any good, the guy certainly doesn't have a super kick ass voice, but he sure is passionate. Not sure if he's got the fire of jeff magnum (ok, he doesn't), but he's got something, i'll check it for some time.

In other news i played a poker tourny with an ex-colleague of mine, a current colleague of mine, and a few other folks out in the k dot. 20 dollar buy in, use of a blind 'computer', a nice table, a nice house, and 2 tall cans of stella. Its always fun when you meet people for the first time during a poker game. You learn a ton about a person whilst trying to read them during a poker game, moreso than you would talking about current events and the weather superficially at a party. Especially because you might see them at a party, gander there's no compatability, and not talk to them. In a game, you've little choice who you sit with. Anywho, i destructored the competition, but once it was heads up, it was dragging and another game was eager to go. So i agreed to split with the one lovely lady in the game for a neat 80$ profit :)

I also sk8ed down to the oak after that for a pint and possible darts. Seriously *young* girls scurried everywhere in the midst of the 90's night overflow. It was rather hectic in the oak, few dart folk, i myself scurried after 1 short beer.

And now i need to sleep. I am having more difficulty than i thought figuring out wordpress. Whatever, give me time.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

day 10

Today, is day 10. In 30 minutes it'll be a full 240 hours since i had a cigarette. I guess thats a good thing, its been a while since i've lasted this long. It feels quite different, like i have total control... i've actually noticed the benifits/improvements in my own physical (and mental) self. My body seems to be functioning on par with how it was 10 years ago.

In honour of this, and similar changes in my life, i've decided to spew crappy brain goo all over the internet. It may be crappy and lame, but its all mine.

If you're reading this that either means:
a) you're doing the 'looking back' and its 2009 - you're trying to learn about the roots of this blog
b) you're a friend of mind and its 2005 - you're wondering why i'm writing this and not playing online poker
c) its sometime between 2005 and 2009 - you don't know me, and i don't know you, and we don't know where each other is from, and you're bored and reading various internet sludge only to come accross a gem like this and read it all to front to back

I have more friends than faith in my ability to engross, so i'm gonna vote for b. What do you think??